Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Jobs in the Media industry- Editor.

For this assignment i have chosen to describe the roles of:
* Editor.
* Production Designer.
* Lighting technician.

To become an editor you first have to work out what you want to be editing. Within the media industry there are editors for scripts, films/video and costumes, so you first have to work out what you want to be doing.

To become a script editor you must be able to read fastly, scan read, and adjust them there up to standard for the audience and market.

Whats involved? A editor is expected to edit and adjust a huge variety scripts, making sure they are 100% perfect before being published. They may also have to research into scripts and articles to make it the highest possible standard, and to make sure it makes sense and they understand what there writing.

Being a script editor isn't just a job roles, its a huge responsibility and you have hundreds of people relying on you to make it right and get it done. You will also need to be able to talk to a variety of people, set up meetings with other editors/photographers etc, and be organized.

Whats skills are needed? To become an editor for media you have to do a certain amount of studying and expand your skills, Also because alot of editors are employed on a freelance basis you have to stand out from the crowd they also only work on short term contracts therefore they will be moving around alot.

To get a job in media as an editor there are no specific qualifications required, however to boost your chances of become an editor the following subjects will help.
* Communication & Media Studies.
* Photography/Television/Film.
* Fine art/ Visual art.
* Information media/Multimedia.
* Graphic design.

Entry without degree's is possible although you would have to show strong commitment and determination, and previous experience would be essential.

Salary, the average editor receives between £18,000-£25,000, although the more experience you have and the more you work the more you will earn.

For more information on becoming an editor go on google. :)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Evaluation for print.

Whats involved in print-

We done printing for media with tim foster, we had to chose a photograph that related to our thriller to print onto our t-shirts.

Current moment in time, i have only printed onto paper, which turnt out very well, i have high hopes for my t-shirt coming out succsesfully.

Some of the things that went well whilst printing was, the light box was easy to use, and actually worked when i needed to use it, and it turnt out onto my mesh well. Also, when i inked the design onto paper into come out clear with no smudges on.