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TV industries. BBC!!

Industries Project                                           
For this task, you are required to get into groups of two or three and present research on a specific media sector. You will need to include a clear discussion of the following:
-       The history and growth of the media industry
-       The structure and ownership of the media industry
-       Ethical and legal constraints in relation to the media industry (codes of practice, producer guidelines, social issues and sensitivities, representation issues).
You will present your findings in the form of a pamphlet. You are expected to also include evidence of annotated/highlighted research and a full list of references.

FILM. paramount, warmer bro's, disney, fox, universal, pixar, lionsgate, dreamworks, columbia, newline.
TV. bbc, itv, fox, cbs, abc, nbc, sky, virgin, nickelodeon, bravo, dave, espn, five.
MUSIC. def film, mercury, columbia, virgin, sony, rockefella, repise, spotify.
INTERACTIVE MEDIA. youtube, limewire, MSN, yahoo, tumblr, on demand, iplayer, myspace.
PRESS. horse & hound, the sun, daily mirror, daily star, daily telegraph, daily mail, gardian, cosmo.

BBC- the bbc known as the British broadcasting corporation is a public service which is set in the heart of london {Westminster}. It is the largest broadcaster in the world with around 23 thousand workers. The bbc is basically owned by the taxpayer because the government funds the bbc by charging all uk television holders a license fee.

The BBC moves to colour......Its the year 1966 on the 3rd March, when the bbc had announced that  they will be tuning into colour tv. It was expected at first that the change would cost between 1-2 million uk pounds a year. In the 60's everyone with a black & white television could keep there exsisting televisions, but still watch colour onnthe, although this was set to cost an extra £250 for a colour reciever and thats excluding a extra license fee.

If you use the link below it goes to a really good video lasting 1min 12 seconds on useing green screen.

Profits- March 2010 the bbc made a profit of around £145 million pounds, with a turnover of £1.074 billion, This is the peek of the bbc and they are at there best so far.

Purposes of research.

Describe the purpose of the following types of market research and provide relevant examples for each. You should use subject terminology clearly in each case.

  1. Audience data.
  2. Audience Profiling.
  3. Consumer Behaviour.
  4. Product Reach.
  5. Competitor Analysis.
Audience data- Audience data is the measure of demographic profiles which is a term used in broadcasting to describe a group of marketting and household data for a TV network. Audience data can be used as feedback for posters/trailers/websites etc to see if there attracting the correct audience.

Audience Profiling- Audience Profiling tells you what kind of audience you have and the category they slot into, for example if your between 18-35 television programmes are more bold for advertisers. They also measure the audience demographics which is things like the age, Income, male of female and ethnic group, its basically what advertisers use to make sure there programmes appeal to the correct audience.

Consumer Behaviour- Consumer behaviour is the studying of when how, where and why people purchase or do not purchase a product, it also involves the psychological mind set that people go through to know the needs of purchasing for example. weather to buy a product or not, if I'm going to buy it, where shall i get, what brand shall i use, how much shall i spend etc.

Product Reach- Product reach is what type of audience is my product going to attract, and how many people your product will reach, hence the name. For example things like shampoo and footwear will reach everyone because its a necessity, its also to do with how much the product will gain brand awareness. Another example is asking the audience for "how to look good naked" which is a TV show mainly for females, if you ask them if they watch it and they say no, this means that the programme isn't reaching the correct audience.

Competitor Analysis- Competitor analysis is the ongoing process of identifying the marketting strategy and performance of brands that compete against each other in the marketplace. Markettors have to plan a strategy that will make there product better then everyone Else's, they have to find an effective way with involves analysis. They have to research things such as, quality, prices, channels and added services, this will then make known the disadvantages and advantages of the competitive market.

Script Proposal- Documentry.

My ancient life.
Documentary – Kieran Howick.

2 x 30 mins 
One-off documentary
A documentary Following elderly person Evelyn through her life of how she fought for freedom.
Follow Evelyn on her daily routine. Look at her past experiences, videos and photographs on the things she has been through. Also visit an elderly care home, and discuss the issues the old fogeys have to go through. Also going to talk to Evelyn’s family & friends. Along going to have a tour of the community.
OPENING- Opening with vintage photographs, and silent videos of Evelyn’s life, the slow introduction gives you a quick snap of her life. You then visit the school she attended through 1922-1933, and the 6th form she attended from 1933-1936. Afterwards

Episode 1- The first couple of scenes will be the audience finding out who Evelyn is, and why she is so special. After that you will see Evelyn’s daily life routine and what she has to do to get around daily life. You will also see background information and content on her life. A one to one interview involving personal questions and experiences will also be involved.

Episode 2- Evelyn meets up with her sister who she hasn’t seen for 30 years, this is her twin sister that almost died at birth, You will also find out why she almost died, and yet again what makes these two so individual. Will also witness a theatre extra involving some of Evelyns idols. Will end with Evelyn explaining how grateful she is to the community and the people that has helped her, and what she intends to do with her last years.

Script Proposal- Drama.

I rock old age!
Drama – Kieran Howick.
3 x 50 mins 
Drama Mini-Series
96 year old Bernard has high hopes of winning the Olympics and gaining extra trophies to add to his collection. His dream has always been to win the shot-put and javelin; he has been training for years, and has had to cope with having no support from the community because of his age, and health issues. Spite all this, Bernard isn’t giving up, and is going to show everyone he can achieve his dream. Will it be a success? Or will Bernard have to forget about his dream?
Bernard is following his father’s footsteps…….
Former champion Drake ports-Merlin, won something in the major 4 year Olympics every time. And nothing stopped him, nothing hindered him and nothing got in his way…….He competed for 40 years, and finally had to give up at the age of 65. Drake was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 61, Bone marrow disease at 63, and Parkinson’s disease at 65, he had to end his dream early.
He always encouraged first born Bernard to be athletic and into sports. He trained his son, and supported him in javelin and shot-put.
Unfortunately Drake lost his life to cancer at the age of 70, Bowel cancer come back, and destroyed his life. His final wish to son Bernard was never to give up.
In episode one, we look at Drakes life, his achievements, and his old age trauma. We visit past newspaper articles, and make up a video of how his life would have been, we then talk to Bernard on how his father has had a massive influence on his life, and how he is determined to make his father proud.

In episode 2, we focus on Bernard’s training, and his quest to get fitter enough. We look closely at his diet, fitness, and lifestyle. At his age, he has to do everything by the book, in order to have a chance of winning. He also goes to get a whole new look, to wow people at his transformation.

In the final episode, you see him start the Olympics, you see flashbacks of his past memories of his father’s athletic times, and you see articles of newspapers. But it’s a mystery of if he goes forward and does his challenge. Does he succeed? Does something go wrong?

Production Style:  A fast paced and upbuilding edkting regime. Include fast paced enegetic sound tracks. Include alot of normal extras, in a normal setting. Mainly done in the day some evening scenes. filming around his house and other places necisary like hospital, gym, running track etc.

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Jobs in the media industry- Production Designer.

For this assignment i have chosen to describe the roles of:
* Editor.
* Production Designer.
* Lighting technician..

Production Designer.........
To Become a Production Designer you must have 'the eye' for all things creative and visually involved in media, for example they have to choose design styles, location sets, costumes, graphics, lighting and some camera angles. You also have to choose whcih sector of design you want to work for, weather its film, television or theatre, although you can do a mix of all 3 and overlap them.

Once everything is decieded, the designers usually have to appoint and manage an art department, which includes a design team, and build strong relationships with many people that they can rely on.
Production designers also need to be great communicators, being able to explain there thoughts to the creators of props, they must be able to visualize things, therefore people skills are key.

Production designers also dont have a set salary, they negotiate a salary with the people there working with, therefore the more known designer and better skilled one will earm more money, also depending if you work freelance, part time or full time will make your earnings different.

Below are some of the following subjects that will highten your chances of getting involved.
* Theatre performance and design.
* Creative performing/technical arts.
* Interior design.
* Landscaping/architecture deign.
* Fine art/ Visual art.
* Drama and theatre studies.

For more information visit Google. :)

Jobs in the Media industry- Lighting Technician.

For this assignment i have chosen to describe the roles of:
* Editor.
* Production Designer.
* Lighting technician.

Lighting Technician..........
To become a lighting techinican you must be able to set up and work lighting equipment in films and programmes. Usually you would either work for Films or Tv programmes, because the equipment and skills you would need is different. When working in Lightning your job is crucial to the set, it creates mood, and makes the set come to life, it also involves alot of creative skills, and thinking on the spot.

Salary and conditions. The salary of a lgithing technician  depends on the type of production work they do and there level of skill and experience. The average salary is usually upwards of £25k. Although if you work freelance you have to negotiate a salary with your employer. A typical freelance lighting technican can get a weekly rate of up to £1,200, whilst factual programmes and documentories pay £255 for a 8 hour day, which works out around £31.80 a hour.

Although degrees are not necessary for this role, they will increase your chances of getting yourself known and becoming succsesful in this career, just like any other job. A degree in electrical engineering or physics will help you with the technical side of lighting, the following will also help,
* Lighting Design.
* Lighting Technology.
* Sound, light, and live event technology.
* Theatre arts and lighting/sound operation.

For more information visit google :)