Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What is an interview?

An interview is a conversation between two people (the interviewer and the interviewee) where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information from the interviewee.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

I rock old age!

3 x 50 mins 
Drama Mini-Series
96 year old Bernard has high hopes of winning the Olympics and gaining extra trophies to add to his collection. His dream has always been to win the shot-put and javelin; he has been training for years, and has had to cope with having no support from the community because of his age, and health issues. Spite all this, Bernard isn’t giving up, and is going to show everyone he can achieve his dream. Will it be a success? Or will Bernard have to forget about his dream?
Bernard is following his father’s footsteps…….
Former champion Drake ports-Merlin, won something in the major 4 year Olympics every time. And nothing stopped him, nothing hindered him and nothing got in his way…….He competed for 40 years, and finally had to give up at the age of 65. Drake was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 61, Bone marrow disease at 63, and Parkinson’s disease at 65, he had to end his dream early.
He always encouraged first born Bernard to be athletic and into sports. He trained his son, and supported him in javelin and shot-put.
Unfortunately Drake lost his life to cancer at the age of 70, Bowel cancer come back, and destroyed his life. His final wish to son Bernard was never to give up.
In episode one, we look at Drakes life, his achievements, and his old age trauma. We visit past newspaper articles, and make up a video of how his life would have been, we then talk to Bernard on how his father has had a massive influence on his life, and how he is determined to make his father proud.

In episode 2, we focus on Bernard’s training, and his quest to get fitter enough. We look closely at his diet, fitness, and lifestyle. At his age, he has to do everything by the book, in order to have a chance of winning. He also goes to get a whole new look, to wow people at his transformation.

In the final episode, you see him start the Olympics, you see flashbacks of his past memories of his father’s athletic times, and you see articles of newspapers. But it’s a mystery of if he goes forward and does his challenge. Does he succeed? Does something go wrong?

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Interview skills.

Interview techniques.

How important is having a good interview?
*Gain new contacts.
*May get a job.

What types of interviews are there?
*Magazine/Empire film.
*Informal/ getting to know each other.
* Portfolio/Academic/Technical interviews.

Dos and Don’ts of an interview.

Dress appropriately for the interview.
Don’t be late
Smile, and be yourself.
Don’t make excuses
Be confident.
Don’t stare
Be prepared
Don’t forget person’s name
Focus on positive points
Don’t fidget.
Good eye contact.
Don’t have bad posture.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Film review- TANGLED.

Newborn Rapunzel was taken by an old woman, who claims to be her mother. The old woman relies on Rapunzel’s long blonde magical hair to keep her looking young. Raised as an only child in a tower hidden from creation, Rapunzel becomes fascinated by the lanterns that she see’s outside every time it’s her birthday. She has a feeling there for her, and seeks help from young hero Flynn, who happened to come across the tower whilst fleeing villains. There quest is to escape the tower, and find out the meaning of the colourful lanterns.
Being the centre of attention in the popular 50th full length Disney film, Rapunzel’s magical, glowing, extra long hair is defiantly essential to the plot. Much like the film “Rapunzel”, spin off “Tangled” in my opinion was amazing, the graphics, plot, characters, scenes, and setting where all perfect, and I think it flowed awesomely. During the film it shows the connection being made between Rapunzel and her (Fake) Mother, and the connection being broken, which isn’t only sad, but some people could relate to that, which means this film would appeal to a bigger audience. Being a 17 year old guy, I think this film isn’t just appealing to girls; it looks like a “chick flick” but has that interesting rom-com twist, which appeals to everyone. Overall thumbs up 10/10.

Information for childrens drama.

The Mischievous teacher.
By: Jordan, Damian, Adam & Kieran
       Friend one. {Female} Has power of strength. Frail looking, fragile, tom boy.
       Friend two. {Female} has power of invisibility. Dense, slow type of person.
       Friend three. {Male} has power of speed. Stuck up, cocky know it all.
       Villain. Invents things, uses a  hypnosis sound track to control children.

       Three friends walk to school together.
       Secret song by the villain school teacher, that hypnotizes children.
       Child 1, who has powers of invisibility, sneaks into teachers office, and listens to teachers plans to destroy everyone.
       Friends team up, and use there powers to stop the teachers plan.
friends successfully defeat the teacher, and things go back to normal.
Restricted narration is the contents of the programme not being obvious or the information told.
Our children's drama is subjective, this is where you only see what the characters are doing, you don’t hear or see their thoughts & memories.
We are using episodic modular narrative, this is a series of short tales that are unconnected.
       Codes- The things you expect to see.
       Conventions- What you expect to happen.
       In our children's drama, we have included three main characters, played by children.
-They all have individual powers.
-There is a villain-Played by a adult.
-Set in a school.
-Something goes wrong.
-Group of friends.
-Simple storyline.
-Unrealistic & Imaginative storyline.
       “The Mischievous teacher” is going to be targeted at children ranging from 6-11. This is because the storyline is very simple, and there are no complications such as, anachronic flash-backs and flash-forward's.
       Another reason why our drama is aimed at 6-11 year olds is because that is the age range of our actors.
Thank you, any questions?

Fred Astaire


1899 1987

       Fred id short for Frederick
       Has a sister called Adele Astaire
       Born and died in America of at the age of 89 of old age
       Did a lot of dancing and acting on Broadway

       Best known for MGM Musicals
       Towering Inferno with Steve McQueen and Paul Newman (got an Oscar Nomination)
       Other dance partner was Audrey Hepburn
       Swing Time With Ginger Rodgers


Question types.
“Tell me about”……..
“What do you understand by”…..?
“Why do you find x interesting”……?
“Can you give me an example of”….?
“What do you see the differences by X & Y”…..?
“What do you think about”…….?
“What are the disadvantages and advantages of”…..?

Do's and Dont's.


·         Have good eye contact.
·         Speak loud & clear.
·         Use the appropriate language.
·         Involve the audience.
·         Include relevant pictures.
·         Check your grammar/spell check.
·         Be prepared.
·         Wear the correct clothing.
·         Don’t mumble.
·         Don’t speak to quickly, or fidget.
·         Don’t have inappropriate leaflets.
·         Don’t read it word for word.
·         Don’t do long pauses.
·         Don’t go off the topic.
·         Don’t speak looking at the ground.
·         Don’t have a crowded presentation.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The elderly in the uk- Family.

Care for the elderly isn't just done to professional trained carers. Its also up to their family and friends, if they have them, to provide support, and help them where necessary.

Many family's take advantage of each other, so its not till difficult circumstances arise, that we realise how much we need them. The elderly usually get pushed to back in familys, days out come first, children, time, money.

The western world in which we live in today, often fail there resonsibilies to care for ageing parents and family members. Unfortunatley in some circumstance it is very difficult for familys because of the pressure and stress of eveyday living, but for most it is simply because of the lack of love and care.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Censorship & Libel.

Censorship  helps stop harmful and inappropriate images being shown, therefore companies have the right to edit or pixelate photos in order to stop the viewers seeing them, although in order to do this you have to have the permission from the creator to do this. For example, if a explicit picture is shown on national television the channel have the right to blur or edit the image so that its appropriate for the audience. 
Libel is a statement or story that someone has said or wrote that cant be supported  by evidence. This can be anything that isn't true, can offend someone or give someone the wrong impression. It is a very important legal issue as many celebrities sew for libel because they don’t what to be portrayed in a negative way. An example of this is the actress Kate Winslet, she sewed the daily mail because they lied about her exercise regime. She then received £25,000 and an apology, which she donated to charity. This can really affect writer because they can get a bad reputation and can even lose their jobs because they published a false story.


Copyrights are in place to stop people from stealing your work and passing it off as their own. For example you write a song or have created a video to stop people stealing it you have to take a few simple steps.  Firstly you can email your video or script to yourself or you can mail it to yourself this form of copyrighting is only valid if the envelope is not opened and the seal is not broken. Also if you put your name and a  “c” in a circle somewhere on your work, its immediately classed as copyright. If someone does steal your work and is caught they could get sewed or other legal action could be taken.

The elderly in the uk- Health problems.

Approximately 18% of the population in UK are at pensionable age and this could increase to 20% by the year 2025. Society nowadays tends to think that mental health problems are a normal aspect of ageing. Majority of the elderly do not have mental health illnesses but a minority of them does:
• 25% of the elderly over the age of 85 will develop dementia
• 10-25% of the elderly over the age of 65 will experience depression
• 4-23% of the elderly would have alcohol problems.

The average age in 2005-2010 for a male in the uk to pass away was 77.2
The average age in 2005-2010 for a female in the uk to pass away was 81.6

From results taken in 2011.
Average age for a male to pass away has gone from 77.2 to 77.95
Average age for a female to pass away has gone from 81.6 to 82.25.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The elderly in the uk- Old age.

CIA World Factbook 2011 Estimates for Life Expectancy at birth (years).
  more than 80
  less than 40
  not available

Elderly in the uk- Free bus pass.

Over 60's now have the priviledge of gaining a free first travel bus pass. Free bus passes for the country’s 11million over-60s were introduced in April 2008. Those eligible are entitled to free off-peak travel
This may be cut duee to finacnes, because The Government spends around £1billion a year subsidising the scheme but with overall council funding being slashed by 28 per cent, many are looking to cut services.

Elderly couple robbed of £60,000.

More than £60,000 has been stolen from an elderly couple who were asked to give their bank details over the phone.
The couple, aged 90 and 88, from Perth, were targeted by a cold caller.
The caller duped them into handing over the details by saying there was a criminal inquiry at their bank
Tayside Police are warning members of the public to be "extremely cautious" about giving personal and financial information over the phone.
A police spokesman said: "While it is common practice to carry out transactions over the phone, we would advise people not to share financial or personal details with a cold caller."

Elderly in the uk- elderly abuse.

All of the links above lead to bbc news stories and newspaper stories dealing with the mugging of elderly.
Which Mugging by youngsters or middle aged people has become more and more common. They are targetting more frail dependant people today, which are the elderly. Unable to defend themselves, and wanting to stay out of harm, they are the easiest targets for muggers and bullys today.

Elderly in the uk- Retirement.

Retirement is the point where a person stops employment completely. A person may also semi-retire by reducing work hours. Many people choose to retire when they are eligible for private or public pension benefits, although some are forced to retire when physical conditions don't allow the person to work anymore. To support living during retirement, a retiree needs to accumulate enough assets. This could comprise of cash, savings or other class of assets. Not enough cash inflow during retirement is the single most difficult challenge that retirees face today. The answer to this problem is to plan your retirement early and stick to it religiously

Elderly in the uk- Finances.

A crisis in social care funding since the coalition government came to power, has left many elderly people in greater hardship, struggling with higher charges and less specialist support.
Government figures show that councils' annual budgets for help for the over-65s have fallen by £1.3bn since 2010, with cuts hitting nursing homes and support for the most vulnerable.
Despite a promise by the chancellor, George Osborne, last year to provide an extra £2bn for councils to spend on care homes, meals on wheels and daily help for older and disabled people, research conducted by the Commons Library suggests that the money, which was not ring-fenced, has not reached the frontline. Instead, the figures show that in 2009-10 councils in England spent £7.6bn on social care for the over-65s compared to £6.3bn this year – a cut of nearly a fifth (17%).

Elderly in the uk- Care homes.

A nursing home, convalescent home, skilled nursing unit, care home, rest home, or old people's home provides a type of care of residents.  It is a place of residence for people who require constant nursing care and who struggle with everyday activities. Residents include the elderly and younger adults with physical or mental disabilities. Residents in a skilled nursing home may also receive physical and other rehabilitative therapies following an accident or illness. There are over 12,000 care homes in ther uk, and there are still limited spcaes for old people to call home.