Thursday, 26 April 2012

Qualitative Reserch.

Qualitative reserch is when something is measured by the quality rather than the quantity. It is used when companies want to find out the publibs views on different things.To find out the information they use all types of methods such as questionnaires.
For example in "Super size me" Morgan Spurlock used himself as an example to the public, testing how bad junk food was for the human body over a 30 day period.

Quantitative Reserch.

Quantitative reserch is when information is measured by quantity. This then provides statistics.  Companies usually use it to figure out their target audience because it provides an average on how popular it is for that age group. To gain information companies may produce  surveys, as it gives detailed answers.

Health & Safety. {Screen Printing}

- Do not eat and drink in the printing room.
- Acrylic paint is not eddible.
-The jet wash sprays water everywhere, so mop the water down the drain.
- When using mediums with paintl wear gloves or wash hands if medium touches skin.
-Use a different knife for different colours.
-Leave bags under tables, or at back of class.
-Whilst  using screen machine, do not lift the lid up when the vaccum is on, as The light will blind you.

Things needed for printing.

Apron/old t-shirt, prevents clothes getting damaged whilst your printing.
Screen, The mesh, has tiny holes, to allow paint to go through to print your stencil.
Palette knife, Used to apply paint and spread it across the mesh.
squeegee, tool used to push down the paint, and spread it across the mesh to create your stencil.
Acrylic paint, you have to mix it with mediums for it to work, acrylic paint is best, because normal paint drys to fast, used to print.
Stencil, cut your stencil out by using a scalpel on paper or positve film.