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TV industries. BBC!!

Industries Project                                           
For this task, you are required to get into groups of two or three and present research on a specific media sector. You will need to include a clear discussion of the following:
-       The history and growth of the media industry
-       The structure and ownership of the media industry
-       Ethical and legal constraints in relation to the media industry (codes of practice, producer guidelines, social issues and sensitivities, representation issues).
You will present your findings in the form of a pamphlet. You are expected to also include evidence of annotated/highlighted research and a full list of references.

FILM. paramount, warmer bro's, disney, fox, universal, pixar, lionsgate, dreamworks, columbia, newline.
TV. bbc, itv, fox, cbs, abc, nbc, sky, virgin, nickelodeon, bravo, dave, espn, five.
MUSIC. def film, mercury, columbia, virgin, sony, rockefella, repise, spotify.
INTERACTIVE MEDIA. youtube, limewire, MSN, yahoo, tumblr, on demand, iplayer, myspace.
PRESS. horse & hound, the sun, daily mirror, daily star, daily telegraph, daily mail, gardian, cosmo.

BBC- the bbc known as the British broadcasting corporation is a public service which is set in the heart of london {Westminster}. It is the largest broadcaster in the world with around 23 thousand workers. The bbc is basically owned by the taxpayer because the government funds the bbc by charging all uk television holders a license fee.

The BBC moves to colour......Its the year 1966 on the 3rd March, when the bbc had announced that  they will be tuning into colour tv. It was expected at first that the change would cost between 1-2 million uk pounds a year. In the 60's everyone with a black & white television could keep there exsisting televisions, but still watch colour onnthe, although this was set to cost an extra £250 for a colour reciever and thats excluding a extra license fee.

If you use the link below it goes to a really good video lasting 1min 12 seconds on useing green screen.

Profits- March 2010 the bbc made a profit of around £145 million pounds, with a turnover of £1.074 billion, This is the peek of the bbc and they are at there best so far.

Purposes of research.

Describe the purpose of the following types of market research and provide relevant examples for each. You should use subject terminology clearly in each case.

  1. Audience data.
  2. Audience Profiling.
  3. Consumer Behaviour.
  4. Product Reach.
  5. Competitor Analysis.
Audience data- Audience data is the measure of demographic profiles which is a term used in broadcasting to describe a group of marketting and household data for a TV network. Audience data can be used as feedback for posters/trailers/websites etc to see if there attracting the correct audience.

Audience Profiling- Audience Profiling tells you what kind of audience you have and the category they slot into, for example if your between 18-35 television programmes are more bold for advertisers. They also measure the audience demographics which is things like the age, Income, male of female and ethnic group, its basically what advertisers use to make sure there programmes appeal to the correct audience.

Consumer Behaviour- Consumer behaviour is the studying of when how, where and why people purchase or do not purchase a product, it also involves the psychological mind set that people go through to know the needs of purchasing for example. weather to buy a product or not, if I'm going to buy it, where shall i get, what brand shall i use, how much shall i spend etc.

Product Reach- Product reach is what type of audience is my product going to attract, and how many people your product will reach, hence the name. For example things like shampoo and footwear will reach everyone because its a necessity, its also to do with how much the product will gain brand awareness. Another example is asking the audience for "how to look good naked" which is a TV show mainly for females, if you ask them if they watch it and they say no, this means that the programme isn't reaching the correct audience.

Competitor Analysis- Competitor analysis is the ongoing process of identifying the marketting strategy and performance of brands that compete against each other in the marketplace. Markettors have to plan a strategy that will make there product better then everyone Else's, they have to find an effective way with involves analysis. They have to research things such as, quality, prices, channels and added services, this will then make known the disadvantages and advantages of the competitive market.

Script Proposal- Documentry.

My ancient life.
Documentary – Kieran Howick.

2 x 30 mins 
One-off documentary
A documentary Following elderly person Evelyn through her life of how she fought for freedom.
Follow Evelyn on her daily routine. Look at her past experiences, videos and photographs on the things she has been through. Also visit an elderly care home, and discuss the issues the old fogeys have to go through. Also going to talk to Evelyn’s family & friends. Along going to have a tour of the community.
OPENING- Opening with vintage photographs, and silent videos of Evelyn’s life, the slow introduction gives you a quick snap of her life. You then visit the school she attended through 1922-1933, and the 6th form she attended from 1933-1936. Afterwards

Episode 1- The first couple of scenes will be the audience finding out who Evelyn is, and why she is so special. After that you will see Evelyn’s daily life routine and what she has to do to get around daily life. You will also see background information and content on her life. A one to one interview involving personal questions and experiences will also be involved.

Episode 2- Evelyn meets up with her sister who she hasn’t seen for 30 years, this is her twin sister that almost died at birth, You will also find out why she almost died, and yet again what makes these two so individual. Will also witness a theatre extra involving some of Evelyns idols. Will end with Evelyn explaining how grateful she is to the community and the people that has helped her, and what she intends to do with her last years.

Script Proposal- Drama.

I rock old age!
Drama – Kieran Howick.
3 x 50 mins 
Drama Mini-Series
96 year old Bernard has high hopes of winning the Olympics and gaining extra trophies to add to his collection. His dream has always been to win the shot-put and javelin; he has been training for years, and has had to cope with having no support from the community because of his age, and health issues. Spite all this, Bernard isn’t giving up, and is going to show everyone he can achieve his dream. Will it be a success? Or will Bernard have to forget about his dream?
Bernard is following his father’s footsteps…….
Former champion Drake ports-Merlin, won something in the major 4 year Olympics every time. And nothing stopped him, nothing hindered him and nothing got in his way…….He competed for 40 years, and finally had to give up at the age of 65. Drake was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 61, Bone marrow disease at 63, and Parkinson’s disease at 65, he had to end his dream early.
He always encouraged first born Bernard to be athletic and into sports. He trained his son, and supported him in javelin and shot-put.
Unfortunately Drake lost his life to cancer at the age of 70, Bowel cancer come back, and destroyed his life. His final wish to son Bernard was never to give up.
In episode one, we look at Drakes life, his achievements, and his old age trauma. We visit past newspaper articles, and make up a video of how his life would have been, we then talk to Bernard on how his father has had a massive influence on his life, and how he is determined to make his father proud.

In episode 2, we focus on Bernard’s training, and his quest to get fitter enough. We look closely at his diet, fitness, and lifestyle. At his age, he has to do everything by the book, in order to have a chance of winning. He also goes to get a whole new look, to wow people at his transformation.

In the final episode, you see him start the Olympics, you see flashbacks of his past memories of his father’s athletic times, and you see articles of newspapers. But it’s a mystery of if he goes forward and does his challenge. Does he succeed? Does something go wrong?

Production Style:  A fast paced and upbuilding edkting regime. Include fast paced enegetic sound tracks. Include alot of normal extras, in a normal setting. Mainly done in the day some evening scenes. filming around his house and other places necisary like hospital, gym, running track etc.

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Jobs in the media industry- Production Designer.

For this assignment i have chosen to describe the roles of:
* Editor.
* Production Designer.
* Lighting technician..

Production Designer.........
To Become a Production Designer you must have 'the eye' for all things creative and visually involved in media, for example they have to choose design styles, location sets, costumes, graphics, lighting and some camera angles. You also have to choose whcih sector of design you want to work for, weather its film, television or theatre, although you can do a mix of all 3 and overlap them.

Once everything is decieded, the designers usually have to appoint and manage an art department, which includes a design team, and build strong relationships with many people that they can rely on.
Production designers also need to be great communicators, being able to explain there thoughts to the creators of props, they must be able to visualize things, therefore people skills are key.

Production designers also dont have a set salary, they negotiate a salary with the people there working with, therefore the more known designer and better skilled one will earm more money, also depending if you work freelance, part time or full time will make your earnings different.

Below are some of the following subjects that will highten your chances of getting involved.
* Theatre performance and design.
* Creative performing/technical arts.
* Interior design.
* Landscaping/architecture deign.
* Fine art/ Visual art.
* Drama and theatre studies.

For more information visit Google. :)

Jobs in the Media industry- Lighting Technician.

For this assignment i have chosen to describe the roles of:
* Editor.
* Production Designer.
* Lighting technician.

Lighting Technician..........
To become a lighting techinican you must be able to set up and work lighting equipment in films and programmes. Usually you would either work for Films or Tv programmes, because the equipment and skills you would need is different. When working in Lightning your job is crucial to the set, it creates mood, and makes the set come to life, it also involves alot of creative skills, and thinking on the spot.

Salary and conditions. The salary of a lgithing technician  depends on the type of production work they do and there level of skill and experience. The average salary is usually upwards of £25k. Although if you work freelance you have to negotiate a salary with your employer. A typical freelance lighting technican can get a weekly rate of up to £1,200, whilst factual programmes and documentories pay £255 for a 8 hour day, which works out around £31.80 a hour.

Although degrees are not necessary for this role, they will increase your chances of getting yourself known and becoming succsesful in this career, just like any other job. A degree in electrical engineering or physics will help you with the technical side of lighting, the following will also help,
* Lighting Design.
* Lighting Technology.
* Sound, light, and live event technology.
* Theatre arts and lighting/sound operation.

For more information visit google :)

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Jobs in the Media industry- Editor.

For this assignment i have chosen to describe the roles of:
* Editor.
* Production Designer.
* Lighting technician.

To become an editor you first have to work out what you want to be editing. Within the media industry there are editors for scripts, films/video and costumes, so you first have to work out what you want to be doing.

To become a script editor you must be able to read fastly, scan read, and adjust them there up to standard for the audience and market.

Whats involved? A editor is expected to edit and adjust a huge variety scripts, making sure they are 100% perfect before being published. They may also have to research into scripts and articles to make it the highest possible standard, and to make sure it makes sense and they understand what there writing.

Being a script editor isn't just a job roles, its a huge responsibility and you have hundreds of people relying on you to make it right and get it done. You will also need to be able to talk to a variety of people, set up meetings with other editors/photographers etc, and be organized.

Whats skills are needed? To become an editor for media you have to do a certain amount of studying and expand your skills, Also because alot of editors are employed on a freelance basis you have to stand out from the crowd they also only work on short term contracts therefore they will be moving around alot.

To get a job in media as an editor there are no specific qualifications required, however to boost your chances of become an editor the following subjects will help.
* Communication & Media Studies.
* Photography/Television/Film.
* Fine art/ Visual art.
* Information media/Multimedia.
* Graphic design.

Entry without degree's is possible although you would have to show strong commitment and determination, and previous experience would be essential.

Salary, the average editor receives between £18,000-£25,000, although the more experience you have and the more you work the more you will earn.

For more information on becoming an editor go on google. :)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Evaluation for print.

Whats involved in print-

We done printing for media with tim foster, we had to chose a photograph that related to our thriller to print onto our t-shirts.

Current moment in time, i have only printed onto paper, which turnt out very well, i have high hopes for my t-shirt coming out succsesfully.

Some of the things that went well whilst printing was, the light box was easy to use, and actually worked when i needed to use it, and it turnt out onto my mesh well. Also, when i inked the design onto paper into come out clear with no smudges on.

Monday, 21 May 2012


To kieran howick & Shannon Audra Griffiths.
THIS IS MY 69th POST!!!!

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Photoshop-using CYMK.

Step 1- Go to image then mode, and click on cymk, on the right hand side the colour mode boxes will apear which include the colours.
Step 2- Choose the colour you want to keep, i have chosen Magenta & Yellow. You can also adjust the image by clicking on image, then go to adjustments then click on curves, i made my image slightly darker to improve shadows.
Step 3- Once you have adjusted the curves in your image. press okay, then go back and click on CYMK in the bottom right corner, and your image will go back to its origional, but it will be darker.

Step by step photoshop.....:)

Step 1 - Uploading a image of your choice.
Step 2- Click the image tab, go to adjustments and click on desaturate.
Step 3- Click on the image tab then mode, then click on levels, here you can change the output levels.
Step 4- Go to image tab, mode, then click on bitmap, make sure the method is on 'Halfscreen', you also have to change the pixel output.
Step 5- Afterwards set the pixels to around 90, and press ok, and it will be made from tiny dots, although from a distance it will look like a normal photo.


A ex CIA agent struggles to make his way across Europe whilst relying on his old skills to save his kidnapped daughter, who has been taken to Paris to be sold into prostitution.
Researching ‘Taken’ and comparing it to other well known thrillers it seems that there is nothing different or unique about the 2008 film, written and directed by Luc Besson & Pierce Morel. Being categorized as just another typical thriller involving cars, guns and big explosions it didn’t really catch the audience’s attention.

Marketing- Released in 2008, When taken was made there wasn’t any thought to making a trailer, therefore people didn’t know what the expect, when released into the cinema all you knew was a rough storyline and some main actors, in my opinion this built up tension and excitement though because you could only guess what was going to happen.

The ending to the film was ok, although too sweet, from reviews and I agree, the daughters good friend Amanda should have been involved more, maybe the ending involving a funeral or maybe her body not just being forgotten. I didn’t like the fact though that the high intensity and anxiety built up in the film, including, his daughter being drugged, auctioned and witnessed her father shooting a Albanian, then the father slaughtering several other men, turnt drastically to smiles and the whole plot had been forgotten, why do all films end in happy endings, that’s what you expect, and more emotional ending would have been preferred, this also could have led to a high standard of sequel.

Taken is on the television being played on Channel 4, Film, and other channels, there trying to promote this film even more constantly playing it, although I think it’s slightly desperate to be honest.
Film posters......You can buy them online, they where up everywhere when the film as released, and considering they didn’t have a trailer, they had to make the poster stand out and 'wow' people.
For example 'Jurassic park', universal spent $65 million on marketing the film, making deals with over 100 companies to advertise 1,000 products, these included 3 Jurassic park video games by ocean software & sega, a couple of books, they also released a soundtrack which included un-used footage. The trailer that was created didn’t reveal much of the movie, this was to build up suspense and not let the film be ruined too much, and therefore people had to watch it. After being shown at a museum in Washington to support two children’s charities, they released sequels and box sets; it is also now shown on television.
From researching Jurassic park, ive come to realise that making our film known is a key, advertising, posters, movies, premiers and novels are very important, and necessary. I would like our film 'the unknown' to be shown worldwide, and shown in the cinema.

Another way to promote a thriller is for the cast and crew to do personal interviews themselves on television. Maybe going into ‘behind the scenes’, and talking about there personal opinions and views on the thriller, they could also talk about what it means, and how they come up with the storyline. I think it’s a good way to promote a film because you get information from loads of different people, and it gives you insight on what’s going to happen.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Sand Art- Kseniya Simonova.

I absolutley loved this video installation. The way that Simonava used just her fingers and hands to create detailed art, and images to tell a story is splendid. I also liked the fact that the images changed, and she used old sand to create new images. It was a like a video with photos. Art done with sand and a light box, things that are easily accesable. A*

6 minutes of things getting destroyed.

I really like this video because it shows everyday objects getting destroyed, but because they show pieces in slow motion you get to see things in very clear detail. for example, if you smash a glass, its so quick and sudden, you dont see the contents spilling everywhere, but this video shows everything in detail every drop in sight for us to see. i like how its not all in slow motion because this gives it a more real feeling, pausing and speeding up reality.

Responding to the brief.

Berlin film market- I have chosen to include a Promotional Poster & Production stills pack.
- My promotional poster is going to include.
* Large fonts.
* Actors names.
* Vintage colours.
* Bold images relevant to thriller.

To create my poster i am going to hand make it, in a creative and interesting way using materials i have at home, for example cardboard, and photos taken on set, i may also use the computer to print things, gain informtation, and put my poster all together.

To complete the Production stills pack i am going to use photos, and information for where we have filmed, the props we have used, and the actors that took part. Its going to be presentention in a mini folder with captions and bullet points. I want it to look like a vintage photo/scrap book album, because this incorpriates the style of our thriller.

Friday, 11 May 2012

CMYK-->What is it??

CYMK, is a process of four colours, which are used to make an image. I have added a photo underneath which from a distance looks like a normal image, but upclose it is made up of dots and shapes, using CYMK. 

Screen printing - Cooking screen.

Step by step guide.
-Lift up the lid of the light machine. Make sure the glass is clean.
-Close the lid back down, fasten down with locks each side, and turn the light on.
-The light takes some time to brighten and you will see it appear underneath the machine.
-When the machine is ready for use, place your film positive onto the glass.
-Next place your mesh on top of the positive.
-Close the lid back down and fasten the locks either side.
-Turn the vacum switch on. This will suck all excess air out meaning your mesh doesnt move around.
-Once the vacum has finished, press the small green button.
-Afterwards hold down the start button for 5 seconds.
-The light timer will appear, and the process has started.
-You just have to wait for it to finish.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Qualitative Reserch.

Qualitative reserch is when something is measured by the quality rather than the quantity. It is used when companies want to find out the publibs views on different things.To find out the information they use all types of methods such as questionnaires.
For example in "Super size me" Morgan Spurlock used himself as an example to the public, testing how bad junk food was for the human body over a 30 day period.

Quantitative Reserch.

Quantitative reserch is when information is measured by quantity. This then provides statistics.  Companies usually use it to figure out their target audience because it provides an average on how popular it is for that age group. To gain information companies may produce  surveys, as it gives detailed answers.

Health & Safety. {Screen Printing}

- Do not eat and drink in the printing room.
- Acrylic paint is not eddible.
-The jet wash sprays water everywhere, so mop the water down the drain.
- When using mediums with paintl wear gloves or wash hands if medium touches skin.
-Use a different knife for different colours.
-Leave bags under tables, or at back of class.
-Whilst  using screen machine, do not lift the lid up when the vaccum is on, as The light will blind you.

Things needed for printing.

Apron/old t-shirt, prevents clothes getting damaged whilst your printing.
Screen, The mesh, has tiny holes, to allow paint to go through to print your stencil.
Palette knife, Used to apply paint and spread it across the mesh.
squeegee, tool used to push down the paint, and spread it across the mesh to create your stencil.
Acrylic paint, you have to mix it with mediums for it to work, acrylic paint is best, because normal paint drys to fast, used to print.
Stencil, cut your stencil out by using a scalpel on paper or positve film.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Editing Evaluation- Kieran & Shannons thriller.

A double reflection.

Talking about the things that went right and wrong during filming and editing. Also the things we need to improve on, and learn from.

When filming, our main problem was actors, being let down by actors at the last minute isn't the greatest help, although we quickly got over the problem by doing camera tricks, and using Shannon {group member} as one of our main characters {twins}. Adam, another student in class, volunteered to play Aldous, so he played Shannon's boyfriend.

We also used Shannon's mother and father in our filming, and for this we filmed at Shannon's house in porchester, this was for the morning scenes, and the scenes that involved Shannon talking to her mum.

For the loft scene, we filmed at my house. We used my garden shed, which was a  ideal place because its dark and dindgey, and has the illusiuon of loft space.

Filming so far isn't going amazingly, things being deleted, some scenes needing to be re-filmed, and lines being messed up. Putting things in order is also proving difficult because some of our scenes are similar.

Friday, 2 March 2012

What is? REMEMBER!!

Diegesis is a style of representation which presents an inner view of society, in which the world itself experiences by the characters in situations and events of the narrative.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

What is "Spooks"?

Spooks is a British thriller drama series which consists of 10 series.  It is about a group who work for the MI5 officers, set in highly secured and protected offices called “the grid”. It involves different challenges that they have to solve, in a limited time, to make sure everyone stays 100% safe.

What to add in your presentation. {spooks}

1.     Introduction-
·        Description of what the show is about, what it involves, and how many series there are.
2.     History-
·        Who created the show?  Who wrote it, thought of it. Changes made, what they had to include.
3.     Viewers and rating-
·        DVD’s, blue-ray, television series.  American & English viewings compared profits??
4.     Target audience-
·        Who the audience is, and why? What times it’s a shown, content warning, who watches it.
5.     Analysis feedback-
·        Reviews of spooks. Information gained for further series. Fans, poles & word of mouth.
6.     Context of episodes
·        Talk about everything involved, why they chose particular settings. How it works?
7.     Evaluation.
·        What did and didn’t work? What could be improved on? Pros and cons.
8.     Needed!
·        Bibliography, one minute clip of spooks, loads of images and info.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Draft script-Shannon.


introduction/title sequence - dark, derelict with dramatic sound/music featuring all characters but the audience are unaware there twins - feat flashbacks/forwards.

INT: amalies bedroom at night first part of scene she is sleeping but then is awakened by a strange noise coming from the attic she goes out of her room to see her mum standing there

diegetic creepy sound of something moving around but not in the room

Amalie: Did you hear that mummy?

mummy: i didnt hear anything - creepy noise

Amelie: that noise! (looking worried and confused)

mummy: maybe it was just the cat

Amalie: We don't have a cat?

mummy: don't be silly i meant the neighbors cat

Amalie: oh...okay?

mummy: i'm tired amalie and its late, just ignore the noise and go back to sleep

Amelie: why are you standing here anyway?

mummy: i cant sleep, please amalie just go back to!

Amelie: erm, okay you! - amalie walks back into her room close up shot of mum looking worried.

shot of the attic latch

next scene


INT- eating breakfast in kitchen or a table and Amalie begins to ask her parents questions about the weird noise from the attic

Amalie to her dad

Amalie: did you hear something moving around in the attic last night?

DAD: The attic? No...

Mum walks in -

mummy: I told you Amalie, it was probably just one of the neigbours cats

AmaLie: cant i go up there and have a look, the cat might be hurt?

mummy: no, its not safe up there, anyway its gone now

amalie: how do you havent been up there!

mum and dad look at each other - close up of amalie confused

next scene

amalie over hears

amalie is walking down stairs when she hears her dad mention the attic she decides to sit down and listen in their convosation

dad: shall we tell her whats in there

MUMMY: what?!

dad: the attic?

Mummy: Don't be so ridiculous, she cant ever know she wont understand

dad: alright then, but i think its starting to get a bit out of control

mummy: well i'v got it under control, now shut up and leave it be.

close up of amalie confused, worried etc shot of her looking up to the attick (low angle)



Its night time and amalie is doing homework on her laptop then all of a sudden she hears a strange noise. she starts shaking and panicks while staying completely still with fright, we see her go to call her boyfriend (Aldous) - no dialouge

morning and amalie gets weird texts from her boyfriend

Amalie wakes up and looks at phone to see a vast amount of texts from her boyfriend saying that he doesnt understand and why is she being like this - amalie rings him straight away

amalie: why did you send me loads of weird texts?

Aldous: what? you where the one saying you hate me and never want to see me again!?

amalie: No i didnt, i rang once because i was scared last night

Aldous: i did get a miss call too, maybe theres something wrong with your phone or are you sending me the wrong texts?

amalie: what are you saying?...okay i dont know whats going on but trust me i only rang you once last night and i love you and only you...if you feel the same way about me then you'd believe me

aldous: i dont know...

amalie: aldous, please if it was me i'd still be saying those things now

aldous: i you want to met me in town later?

amalie: okay

aldous: normal place, normal time

amalie: i'll see you then, aldous you do believe me?

aldous: yeah, see ya!

Aldous hangs up leaving amalie with mixed feelings while this is being filmed we see viewpoints from under her bed/wardrobe of her walking around.

while amalie is walking around the house getting ready

amalie is not listening to her mum and dad as she has her earphones in but the audience can hear, but not really understand what there talking about

mummy: see its settled down

dad: yeah, yeah your right - you had it under control

mummy: i knew a bit of chicken would do the trick

dad: that was my chicken

mummy: its okay i bought some salad

dad: oh...good

missing phone

just as amalie is about to leave for town, she is unable to find her phone which she cant understand where its gone as she leaves it in the same place

Amalie: oooh

amalie runs upstairs to get phone but then finds out its not there.

Amalie: what?!

goes back down stairs to ask her mum/dad if they've moved it

amalie: have you been in my room?!

mum and dad: no

amalie: well my phone isnt there and i didnt mover it

dad: well you must of or it would be there

amalie: i didnt and its not

mummy: have you tried ringing it?

amalie: ah, no, good idea!

point of view shot from stairs

amalie: used her mums phone to find it but cant hear it

amalie: it must be on silent, but i swear i didnt put it on silent?

dad: well, you better find it because im not buying another one

amalie: it must be in my room

Amalie goes back upstairs to look for it to find its exactly where she usally leaves it and had first looked

amalie: thats weird...

heads back down stairs

amalie: guess what, it was where i first looked

dad: should have opened your eyes then

amalie: ahahah...hilarious - well im going to town to met aldous, see you later

mum and dad: bye!

next scene jackie(evil twin) who everyone thinks is amalie

while jackie walks up to amalies room (dressed in amalies clothes) her mum (who thinks shes amalie) stops and talks to her.

mummy: i thought you left

jackie (et): nope

mummy: oh i thought you did

jackie(et): i will soon depart from the household

mummy: so you'll be going soon

Jackie: yes!

mummy: I can give you a lift if you want

Jackie (et): no need!

mummy: are you sure because im going met debra she bought a bag and...

Jackie(et): no! just leave me

mummy: you dont seem right today amalie?

Jackie looks at her mum shiftly but give her a smile which her mum finds nice but the audience find chilling.

next scene

amalie walks to town

walking up the road, amalie see's aldous walking back in an angry manner - she asks him whats wrong and he explains...

amalie: aldous?...aldous?! where are you going (runs after him)

aldous: just dont talk to me

amalie: what? why?

aldous: why?! your seriously asking me why? so you dont remember saying you hate me, im the worst thing thats ever happen to you, you dispise every second you spent with me and you dont remember showing me a sick photoshopped picture of my cat dead

amalie: no?

aldous: dont act all inncocent like it was someone else - what are you?

amalie: aldous, i really dont have a clue what your talking about?

aldous: well i dont want anything to do with you

amalie tries to pull aldous back but she cant

Amalie: I dont know whats going on...please we can talk

Aldous: just leave me alone, before i do something i regret!

amalie lets aldous go long shot of amalie standing in the street and aldous walking away. point of view shot from someone walking past.

next scene

amalie sit in the street in the dark

time has passed and she is still in the same spot from where aldous left her, she has been sitting there crying all day - her friends walk by and start asking her bizzare questions

friend 1 : what are you doing?

amalie: aldous doesnt love me anymore

friend 2: well who could blame him if you been talking to him the same way you have us

amalie: what? he said something about me saying stuff but its not wasnt me!

friend 1: so what it was someone who took your phone

amalie: i dont know, maybe someone hacked my phone

friends 1&2: laugh (frnd 2) or maybe your just a bitch who doesnt know it

amalie: no really, if i said anything nasty it must have been someone else

friends 2: oh it must be your evil clone

amalie: i dont understand?

friend 2: well when we said hi to you in town yesterday and you started saying stuff like i believe i call you two walking piles of shit friends.

amalie: i wasnt me?

amalie panicks and runs home

returns home to mum and dad

amalie returns home and unaware to her mum/dad and audience that jackie has been at home impersonating amalie

mummy: whats wrong with you again

amalie: i dont know whats going on with me

mummy: you do seem a bit off today

amalie: everyone keeps saying iv said awful thing when i havent even spoken to them

mummy: maybe you should just say sorry, im sure it cant be that bad

amalie: but i havent said anything

mummy: well, you've said some pretty horrid things to me and your father today

amalie:what iv been out pracicually all day - see this is what i mean

mummy hands amalie some money and tells her to go and buy some food from the supermarket

mummy: go and get some dinner for me from asba

amalie: what why? we have loads of food for dinner

mummy: just go!

amalie: no one cares!

amalie runs to her room

mum goes in attic

mum suspects jackie may have escaped so she goes in the attick to check

mummy: hello, you okay sweetie?

sudden noise and heres footsteps, mum drops her torch as she picks it up she see that jackie has gone

as she realises she has escaped she rushed down stairs to phone her husband to inform him to back home quickly


sound goes blank

- there is no sound and is black and white-

jackie(et): hello mummy

mummy: whats wrong, dont you want to go to your room

jackie(et): do i want to go back to my lovely room, my room which is filled with lovely spider, lovely splinterd floors and hearing my lovely twin sister living our mummy i dont not want to go back in that dinny-winny room! you?

mummy: no, not at the moment, how about if you go up there we will put some nice things that you'd like up there how about that?

jackie:that would be nice

mummy: so, what do you want?

Jackie: your rotting corpse

jackie suffercates her mother with a plastic bag when shes dead jackie says "lovely"

we see her dad in the car on the phone unaware of whats just happend

dad: i'll ring you back later.

amalie mets jackie final scene

amalie is getting ready for bed and is taking of her make-up and sorting our her jewlery etc she looks up in the mirror to see her identical twin sister staring back at her with scratched on her face.

(amalie looks up in the mirror to take off her make-up and sees jackie in the background)

Jackie: hi amalie

 amalie: bitch

amalie realises whats been going and how everything clicks together

dramatic music comes up and to be continued text.

Things to do/not to do.

- Keeping boom out of shot.
- Crossing the line of action.
- Continuity. 
- Leaving your comfort zone.
- In group bickering.
- Lighting.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Audience Profiling.

Audience Profiling finding out the profile of your audience before hand so that you can put across your message to the right people in the most effective way to produce the best result. It might include details like age, sex, educational qualification, work experience, financial background, field of work, interests, mood, orientation, bias, food habits, religious background, psysique, health condition etc.

Good points- They will be able to know who is the best audience is for there films, also it creates new categories for advertisers.

Bad points- People may change there mind, and old habbits may fade away, also the results they recieve may not be up to date.

Audience Data.

Audience data is a measure of the demographic profiles which are recent statistics,  and household data is data from peoples homes. Audience data could be used as feedback on whether an advertiser is reaching out to the intended audience. Demographic numbers measure the average number of individuals in theselected household.

Good points- Gives the creators insight on whats working well, it also provides evidence on what peoples like.

Bad points- Some viewers may be channing flicking, or not actually watching whats on, therefore results wouldnt be accurate.

Monday, 6 February 2012

A double reflection - copyright issues

A double reflection

while making our thriller we need to make sure we are not breaching any copyright laws.

When film maker make theme tunes, music, special effects, sound effects and particular scenes they copyright them, so no other production can use them and make money of them without the creator getting money back in return - if people did use the archive without permission, they can be sued or even go to prison as that is illegal.

For our film we decided to use sound effects, non diabetic sounding and music from a source. This source has no copyrighted sound arhchive so it is totally legal and safe for us to use this for our film without interfering with copyright. 

As for the videography side of things we will use only our own footage and images as we would not see the need for extra footage - it would be unnecessary.

However, for the possible special effects used for our film we would use either iMovie or most likely adobe premier pro. which both include a variety of special effects, transitions and filters to use in our thriller.

But if we wanted to we can use particular copyrighted sources, copyright law makes certain exceptions to copyright law; these exceptions are called Fair Use. Fair Use exceptions apply only in limited situations under certain guidelines - so if need be, we will use certain resources but that is a very minor chance as so far I can't imagine where it would be needed in our film.

In conclusion, copyright isn't a vast subject while in pre-production of this film, as I do not feel like it will be used. But however if it is I will talk about it in greater depth and discuss how, where and why I have decided to use it.

a double reflection - risk assessment / health and safety

Risk assessments / health and safety

Throughout our filming we will take into great consideration the health and safety aspects and the potential risk which results from us filming.

Between different sets and locations we have to think about what risks we face or face to other people - particually members of the public.

location 1 - shannon's house: When filming at this location we have to consider where we put / leave equipment - we need to think about what we are doing at all times for example leaving a camera on a unsteady surface while filming could result in damaged equipment. Is where we are safe? Yes, I can categorically confirm that my house is very suitable for what we are preparing to film. There are minimal to none risks. I can only state that there are only minor risks such as tripping over cables from the camera and that would be a result of our own neglect - which will not happen.

location 2 kierans house: Just the same as mine, there are no outstanding health and safety issues or concerns. It is generally safe and only possible risk would be the result of our own behalf.

location 3 town centre: unlike the other locations this can possibly be a very dangerous surroundings.
1- we need to think of own personal wellbeing while on location as we will be carrying fairly expensive equipment so that can potentially make us targets for the criminal public.
2- we need to take into consideration of the public i.e not leaving equipment unattended for people to trip over etc.
3- need to keep aware of outdoor conditions. For example if it happens to unexpectedly rain we need to get all electrical equipment away - as this can cause damages to the camera and more dramatically cause electrocution.

location 5 fareham college: There no outstanding risk or health and safety concerns again just be aware of other people and leaving equipment unattended - risk of theft or causing accidents.

we need to make sure all our props are suitable and are not dangerous to the actors in anyway. For example make-up we need to check if the actors are allergic etc

while filming on all locations we need to aim to be 100% safe and professional while using the equipment, getting to our locations and preparing for our film.

a double reflection - budget and resources

Budget and resources

Our budget consists of 2 different groups, transport and props & scenery.

Transport: for our film we need to get to a variety of different locations - we can reach all of these via public transport.
Fareham college to shannon's house return : £2 x2
Fareham college to kieran's house return : £3 x2
Fareham college to town centre : nil 

our combined budget for transport to locations totals at £10

Props & scenery needed for our film:

make-up for characters: approximately £6
costume for jackie (ragged clothing): approximately £10
dog bowl for jackies 'room' : £1 

are current total for props & scenery totals to £17 

total costs so far: £27 - £13.50 each 

As a group we're looking to spend no more than £20 each but if our film depends on it we're willing to go over the budget if necessary. 

We will also be using equipment from fareham college so we will not need expenses or budgeting in that category

A double reflection - location recce & release


We decided to film in several locations to portray to the narrative in the way we want.
Our locations are near and we do not need permission etc to use them.

location 1 - Shannon's house: In the story the character Amelie (nice twin) is a typical girl and we needed to film scenes in her room and as I myself have a all pink room we decided it be a good setting for those scenes.

-There no serious or potential health and safety hazards on this set
- Its near to Fareham college so public transportation will be used to reach set.
- we do not need extra sets, or character building furnishings.

location 2 - Kieran's house: For scenes where the character Jackie (evil twin) is filmed being derangded and basically a typical 'evil' character, we needed to film in a outside of an attic (where she has been forced to live) - we was thinking of using the studio in fareham college but thought it would be easier to use an actual attic as we wouldn't need to book it out and create a 'attic like' set - which will also save money on the budget.

- There are no serious or potential health and safety hazards on this set
- its easy to reach from Fareham college via train.
- we will only need minimal extra things for character building purposes for example jackie eats out of a dog bowl so we'd need that but no sets etc.

location 3 - town centre (probably Fareham): this location is needed for scenes where Jackie pretends to be her twin sister amelie, unaware to her family and the audience that jackie has escaped. Jackie out of envy, is trying to wreck amelies life so tries to make amelie look like a horrible person to her boyfriend.

- will need to take into consideration the background noise of passers by.
- will have to make sure not to get in the way of the public due to our own and their health and safety.
- will have to film during certain times of the day due to lighting.
- make sure electrical equipment is fully charged as there will be no power supply to re-charge.
-be careful with equipment - theft.
- will have to film away from shops - copyright laws.
- make sure not to film public faces, as we have to have permission.

location 4 - shannon's or kieran's house: will need scenes of amelie asking her mum and dad about the 'strange noise' coming from the attic. also need to film scenes of jackie (audience thinks is amelie) bizarrely leaving the house (escaping) 
In my opinion it'd be best film in Kierans house as we have the option to include the attic or part of the attic in the scene.

- There are no serious or potential health and safety hazards on this set
- its easy to reach from Fareham college via train.
- we will only need minimal extra things for character building purposes
- will need some sort of dolly to use for some shots - so a office chair?

location 5 - Fareham college: Amelies friends confront her and say she's acting strange towards them - we also see jackie and amelie nearly met accidentally. Amelie becomes paranoid and cannot understand why everyone says she acting negatively towards them.

- There is no need no asking any permission
- we have all available equipment to use - camera, computers, tripods etc
- we have extra characters (amelies friends) so we can use our classmates for those roles
- there are no problems such as transport etc
- there are minimal serious or potential health and safety hazards.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Editing Evaluation.

When editing our children's drama, we used a programme called Adobe Premium Pro, this is a programme that lets you edit faster, and includes features to make your drama's look professional.

Everything we edited we stored on an E hard drive, although we had backup on our portable hard drive, this was Incase anything got deleted or corrupted.

During our editing, we had to overcome a few problems. For example, scenes from our children's drama being deleted, this meant we had to re add them onto Premium, and edit them again. This happened to us alot, mainly due to lack of organisation, although also due to them not being saved in the correct place, and using multiple computers.

Another problem was putting our scenes in order, and choosing the scenes we were going to use. This was a barrier because we had so many versions of each scene to choose from, there was a lot to go through. Also we had to cut and merge different bits together, to give it the best effect.

During filming we lost a member of the crew. Jordan was one of the main actors in our drama, alongside filming. Thankfully she didn’t go until we had done most of the filming; it still hindered our time schedule. Although this was a barrier, we didn’t overcome it, as quickly as we should have, and probably blamed our mistakes on this act.

Despite problems, there where positives to editing. Throughout time it became an enjoyable task. Adding sound, adding effects, cutting scenes, and merging them together. For example to add an effect, you click on effects, and it pops done with 5 categories, either effects, or transitions, or a search box, you just find the effect you want, and drag it to the appropriate scene.

The format during editing that we used was called, DV PAL, in 48 kHz widescreen, from using this you gain the best sound from our scenes, and it’s the fastest format to use.

My experiences during editing where not that great, mainly because I didn’t put the effort in, from this I have learnt that to edit your scenes well you have to try your best, and put full concentration on it. The main thing I was worried about was making mistakes on our editing, for example, the computer freezing, scenes being deleted, and me cutting them too much. To overcome this, I saved our drama in a couple of places, and asked for guidance.

Although I didn’t do much editing at the start, I did assist in the area by telling the main editors where things should be, and where I think sound effect etc would work well.

During the scene where one of the pupils used their powers, and turned invisible, things where being thrown at the teacher. When this was edited I suggested that a crashing, and banging sound effect should be added, and it turnt out very well.

To reflect on my editing experience, I have to improve on doing more editing when in a group, I think this is the main thing to concentrate and work on. In my thriller I will concentrate more on doing the rough and final cuts, putting things in order, and adding extras, I’m definitely going to push myself, and further my knowledge in this area.

In conclusion, I’ve found that trying new things isn’t a bad thing, and it is not something I should be concerned about. I’ve realised my good and bad points during the children drama, and there is much I’m going to learn from, and push myself further in. I also took note on what I’m good at too.