Monday, 12 December 2011

SWAT Analyse.
Camera man- In our drama I was the main camera operator. I found it easy to use the camera, but wasn’t always still, also using the tripod was new, and doing the different camera operations was easy. I enjoyed using the camera, and being in charge of filming.
Editing- I only done a minimal part of editing in our drama. Editing is probably my weakness, and something I need to work on. Although towards the end of editing I did do a part of it, and learnt how to use the different options.
I’m more of someone that gives advice on how something needs to be done, or how to make it better, especially when acting, like an assistant director.
Acting- In our drama I done around 10 seconds of acting, I wasn’t confident about being on the camera, but from helping another group out filming, and being a main character, I’ve realised its actually something I’m good at, and something I’m determined to progress.
In conclusion I’ve definitely realised my good and bad points in media, and plan to use my qualities to my advantage.
Time sheets/story board- I was in charge of doing these and I’m happy with how they come out, although I would probably put colour into the sketches. I’ve also learnt to be more organized hands on, and be confident to try new things.

Problems- One of the major problems we had in our group, was loosing a actress {jordan} although this did hinder us and set us back, we didnt get over it as quickly as we should have. This is definatley a lesson to learn from.

Also, the child actors that we had ligned up to star in our childrens drama. Also the school that we where going to film in, fell through, and we didnt have a back up available, next time other places to film will be reserved, as will actors that are needed.

Putting this asside, our drama was finished on time, and although had parts which needed attention, went ok.

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