Friday, 16 September 2011

My Childrens drama.

Things i need to do?

* Video & editing.
* Research.
* Codes.---> {Things you expect to see}
*Conventions.---> {Things you expect to happen}

What things do you expect to happen?

* Someone in a mask.
* Horror- Name the things you expect to see.
-Scary music.
- Villian

Examples of childrens drama's.

Dani's house, Basil Brush, Raven, Tracy Beaker, Scooby-Doo, Spongebob, Sarah-Jane Adventures, Trapped, Dracula, Doctor Who, Hannah Montana, GL Charlie, Mr bean, The Queens Nose.

Things you expect to happen.

* Something stupid/funny.
* Powers and/or Magic.
* Something going wrong. {A problem}
* Mischief.
* Annoying siblings.
* Young adults/children.
* Un-realistic story lines.

Example- MI High

*Alot of children acting.
* Alot of main characters.
* {Skull} Villian.
* Set in a school.
* Normal everyday people.
* Un-realistic adventure.

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