Friday, 9 September 2011

Safety when using the internet.

A on-looker is a person that can see cyber-bullying being taken place, and does nothing to defuse the situation, they also may re post, join in, or not tell anyone its happening.

CEOP --> Child Exploitation Online Protection.
This is a website making sure people under 16 are being protected on the Internet. It also puts a block on all websites you dont want your child on.

Inprivate browsing-  This is a programme that hides what you have viewed.
History- tools/ delete browing history/ delete all.
This deletes everything you have viewed on your computer.

Browser Filters- {Net Nanny} you can set precautions on your home computer. A search engine speacially for children, it stops them viewing anything harmful or inapropriate/

A safe Website- All websites that are trusted and safe to use, will include a padlock symbol.

Firewall- Access this by going to you control panel. Fireall puts up a barrier from negetive items entering your computer.

Auto updates- You can choose weither to have auto updates on your pc or not, its best to have them on. This is because new viruses are being created all the time, and your pc needs to be up to date to fight them off. It also will speed up your computer, and free you from most problems.

Pop ups- pop ups on a website can sometimes be viruses, by you clicking on them you can let things enter your computer. Its best to ignore them.

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