Thursday, 29 March 2012

Editing Evaluation- Kieran & Shannons thriller.

A double reflection.

Talking about the things that went right and wrong during filming and editing. Also the things we need to improve on, and learn from.

When filming, our main problem was actors, being let down by actors at the last minute isn't the greatest help, although we quickly got over the problem by doing camera tricks, and using Shannon {group member} as one of our main characters {twins}. Adam, another student in class, volunteered to play Aldous, so he played Shannon's boyfriend.

We also used Shannon's mother and father in our filming, and for this we filmed at Shannon's house in porchester, this was for the morning scenes, and the scenes that involved Shannon talking to her mum.

For the loft scene, we filmed at my house. We used my garden shed, which was a  ideal place because its dark and dindgey, and has the illusiuon of loft space.

Filming so far isn't going amazingly, things being deleted, some scenes needing to be re-filmed, and lines being messed up. Putting things in order is also proving difficult because some of our scenes are similar.

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