Thursday, 1 March 2012

What to add in your presentation. {spooks}

1.     Introduction-
·        Description of what the show is about, what it involves, and how many series there are.
2.     History-
·        Who created the show?  Who wrote it, thought of it. Changes made, what they had to include.
3.     Viewers and rating-
·        DVD’s, blue-ray, television series.  American & English viewings compared profits??
4.     Target audience-
·        Who the audience is, and why? What times it’s a shown, content warning, who watches it.
5.     Analysis feedback-
·        Reviews of spooks. Information gained for further series. Fans, poles & word of mouth.
6.     Context of episodes
·        Talk about everything involved, why they chose particular settings. How it works?
7.     Evaluation.
·        What did and didn’t work? What could be improved on? Pros and cons.
8.     Needed!
·        Bibliography, one minute clip of spooks, loads of images and info.

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