Monday, 14 May 2012

Responding to the brief.

Berlin film market- I have chosen to include a Promotional Poster & Production stills pack.
- My promotional poster is going to include.
* Large fonts.
* Actors names.
* Vintage colours.
* Bold images relevant to thriller.

To create my poster i am going to hand make it, in a creative and interesting way using materials i have at home, for example cardboard, and photos taken on set, i may also use the computer to print things, gain informtation, and put my poster all together.

To complete the Production stills pack i am going to use photos, and information for where we have filmed, the props we have used, and the actors that took part. Its going to be presentention in a mini folder with captions and bullet points. I want it to look like a vintage photo/scrap book album, because this incorpriates the style of our thriller.

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