Monday, 30 January 2012

Editing Evaluation.

When editing our children's drama, we used a programme called Adobe Premium Pro, this is a programme that lets you edit faster, and includes features to make your drama's look professional.

Everything we edited we stored on an E hard drive, although we had backup on our portable hard drive, this was Incase anything got deleted or corrupted.

During our editing, we had to overcome a few problems. For example, scenes from our children's drama being deleted, this meant we had to re add them onto Premium, and edit them again. This happened to us alot, mainly due to lack of organisation, although also due to them not being saved in the correct place, and using multiple computers.

Another problem was putting our scenes in order, and choosing the scenes we were going to use. This was a barrier because we had so many versions of each scene to choose from, there was a lot to go through. Also we had to cut and merge different bits together, to give it the best effect.

During filming we lost a member of the crew. Jordan was one of the main actors in our drama, alongside filming. Thankfully she didn’t go until we had done most of the filming; it still hindered our time schedule. Although this was a barrier, we didn’t overcome it, as quickly as we should have, and probably blamed our mistakes on this act.

Despite problems, there where positives to editing. Throughout time it became an enjoyable task. Adding sound, adding effects, cutting scenes, and merging them together. For example to add an effect, you click on effects, and it pops done with 5 categories, either effects, or transitions, or a search box, you just find the effect you want, and drag it to the appropriate scene.

The format during editing that we used was called, DV PAL, in 48 kHz widescreen, from using this you gain the best sound from our scenes, and it’s the fastest format to use.

My experiences during editing where not that great, mainly because I didn’t put the effort in, from this I have learnt that to edit your scenes well you have to try your best, and put full concentration on it. The main thing I was worried about was making mistakes on our editing, for example, the computer freezing, scenes being deleted, and me cutting them too much. To overcome this, I saved our drama in a couple of places, and asked for guidance.

Although I didn’t do much editing at the start, I did assist in the area by telling the main editors where things should be, and where I think sound effect etc would work well.

During the scene where one of the pupils used their powers, and turned invisible, things where being thrown at the teacher. When this was edited I suggested that a crashing, and banging sound effect should be added, and it turnt out very well.

To reflect on my editing experience, I have to improve on doing more editing when in a group, I think this is the main thing to concentrate and work on. In my thriller I will concentrate more on doing the rough and final cuts, putting things in order, and adding extras, I’m definitely going to push myself, and further my knowledge in this area.

In conclusion, I’ve found that trying new things isn’t a bad thing, and it is not something I should be concerned about. I’ve realised my good and bad points during the children drama, and there is much I’m going to learn from, and push myself further in. I also took note on what I’m good at too.

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