Thursday, 12 January 2012

Qualitative, Quantitative research.

Whats it called: Rivers Monsters.

How is it presented?
The show is presented in a formal, factual way, and includes alot of travelling around the world to places such as, Germany, Australia, India, Brazil Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, The Republic of Congo, Alaska, Florida and Texas.

What is it?
River Monsters is a world wide documentary presented by Jeremy Wade. Jeremy goes round the planet searching for freshwater mysteries and bizarre animal cases, He then reveals the tales and information about what they find. You also find out the creatures history and feeding habits.

3 seasons, which altogether is 21 episodes.

Some examples of Quantitative reserch are.
* Exam results.
* Graphs/Tallies/Stats.

Some advantages of Quantitative reserch is it provides accurate results and it reduces people being bias towards something they really like, and compareing it to other things.

Some disadvantages of Quantitative reserch is that they always need to be updated because there constantly changing. They also deprive things like emotiona nd feeling towards peoples opinions and views.

Some examples of Qualitative Reserch are.
* one to one interviews
* Diaries.
* Blog information.

Some advantages of Qualilative reserch is that they are easily accesable to people, and you can get close to peoples real life experiences and know there stories in detail, you also gain insight on peoples lifes.

Some disadvantges of Qualilative reserch is some of the sources are very bias because of the strongs opinions of people, also you may have to question peoples opinions and the authenticity.

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