Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Kieran & Shannon's thriller idea.

“A Double Reflection”
*Female identical Twins. {Jackie & Amelie}
* Jackie is impersonating her twin sister Amelie.
* Jackie also feeds on animals, craving blood.
*Amelie is the mummy’s girl the princess.
Amelie is ‘miss perfect’- typical girly girl, mummy’s little angel. Doing well in life, perfect job, boyfriend, fashion and car.
Our thriller is about a young girl that leads a normal teenage life, unaware that she has an identical twin, which is impersonating her.
Jackie is an insane self obsessed individual and has been hidden in the basement all her life. She feeds on flesh and has many problems. Over time she becomes more and more jealous of her perfect sister, living the perfect life, and her being locked away, what is she going to do to stop her jealousy?

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