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Draft script-Shannon.


introduction/title sequence - dark, derelict with dramatic sound/music featuring all characters but the audience are unaware there twins - feat flashbacks/forwards.

INT: amalies bedroom at night first part of scene she is sleeping but then is awakened by a strange noise coming from the attic she goes out of her room to see her mum standing there

diegetic creepy sound of something moving around but not in the room

Amalie: Did you hear that mummy?

mummy: i didnt hear anything - creepy noise

Amelie: that noise! (looking worried and confused)

mummy: maybe it was just the cat

Amalie: We don't have a cat?

mummy: don't be silly i meant the neighbors cat

Amalie: oh...okay?

mummy: i'm tired amalie and its late, just ignore the noise and go back to sleep

Amelie: why are you standing here anyway?

mummy: i cant sleep, please amalie just go back to!

Amelie: erm, okay you! - amalie walks back into her room close up shot of mum looking worried.

shot of the attic latch

next scene


INT- eating breakfast in kitchen or a table and Amalie begins to ask her parents questions about the weird noise from the attic

Amalie to her dad

Amalie: did you hear something moving around in the attic last night?

DAD: The attic? No...

Mum walks in -

mummy: I told you Amalie, it was probably just one of the neigbours cats

AmaLie: cant i go up there and have a look, the cat might be hurt?

mummy: no, its not safe up there, anyway its gone now

amalie: how do you havent been up there!

mum and dad look at each other - close up of amalie confused

next scene

amalie over hears

amalie is walking down stairs when she hears her dad mention the attic she decides to sit down and listen in their convosation

dad: shall we tell her whats in there

MUMMY: what?!

dad: the attic?

Mummy: Don't be so ridiculous, she cant ever know she wont understand

dad: alright then, but i think its starting to get a bit out of control

mummy: well i'v got it under control, now shut up and leave it be.

close up of amalie confused, worried etc shot of her looking up to the attick (low angle)



Its night time and amalie is doing homework on her laptop then all of a sudden she hears a strange noise. she starts shaking and panicks while staying completely still with fright, we see her go to call her boyfriend (Aldous) - no dialouge

morning and amalie gets weird texts from her boyfriend

Amalie wakes up and looks at phone to see a vast amount of texts from her boyfriend saying that he doesnt understand and why is she being like this - amalie rings him straight away

amalie: why did you send me loads of weird texts?

Aldous: what? you where the one saying you hate me and never want to see me again!?

amalie: No i didnt, i rang once because i was scared last night

Aldous: i did get a miss call too, maybe theres something wrong with your phone or are you sending me the wrong texts?

amalie: what are you saying?...okay i dont know whats going on but trust me i only rang you once last night and i love you and only you...if you feel the same way about me then you'd believe me

aldous: i dont know...

amalie: aldous, please if it was me i'd still be saying those things now

aldous: i you want to met me in town later?

amalie: okay

aldous: normal place, normal time

amalie: i'll see you then, aldous you do believe me?

aldous: yeah, see ya!

Aldous hangs up leaving amalie with mixed feelings while this is being filmed we see viewpoints from under her bed/wardrobe of her walking around.

while amalie is walking around the house getting ready

amalie is not listening to her mum and dad as she has her earphones in but the audience can hear, but not really understand what there talking about

mummy: see its settled down

dad: yeah, yeah your right - you had it under control

mummy: i knew a bit of chicken would do the trick

dad: that was my chicken

mummy: its okay i bought some salad

dad: oh...good

missing phone

just as amalie is about to leave for town, she is unable to find her phone which she cant understand where its gone as she leaves it in the same place

Amalie: oooh

amalie runs upstairs to get phone but then finds out its not there.

Amalie: what?!

goes back down stairs to ask her mum/dad if they've moved it

amalie: have you been in my room?!

mum and dad: no

amalie: well my phone isnt there and i didnt mover it

dad: well you must of or it would be there

amalie: i didnt and its not

mummy: have you tried ringing it?

amalie: ah, no, good idea!

point of view shot from stairs

amalie: used her mums phone to find it but cant hear it

amalie: it must be on silent, but i swear i didnt put it on silent?

dad: well, you better find it because im not buying another one

amalie: it must be in my room

Amalie goes back upstairs to look for it to find its exactly where she usally leaves it and had first looked

amalie: thats weird...

heads back down stairs

amalie: guess what, it was where i first looked

dad: should have opened your eyes then

amalie: ahahah...hilarious - well im going to town to met aldous, see you later

mum and dad: bye!

next scene jackie(evil twin) who everyone thinks is amalie

while jackie walks up to amalies room (dressed in amalies clothes) her mum (who thinks shes amalie) stops and talks to her.

mummy: i thought you left

jackie (et): nope

mummy: oh i thought you did

jackie(et): i will soon depart from the household

mummy: so you'll be going soon

Jackie: yes!

mummy: I can give you a lift if you want

Jackie (et): no need!

mummy: are you sure because im going met debra she bought a bag and...

Jackie(et): no! just leave me

mummy: you dont seem right today amalie?

Jackie looks at her mum shiftly but give her a smile which her mum finds nice but the audience find chilling.

next scene

amalie walks to town

walking up the road, amalie see's aldous walking back in an angry manner - she asks him whats wrong and he explains...

amalie: aldous?...aldous?! where are you going (runs after him)

aldous: just dont talk to me

amalie: what? why?

aldous: why?! your seriously asking me why? so you dont remember saying you hate me, im the worst thing thats ever happen to you, you dispise every second you spent with me and you dont remember showing me a sick photoshopped picture of my cat dead

amalie: no?

aldous: dont act all inncocent like it was someone else - what are you?

amalie: aldous, i really dont have a clue what your talking about?

aldous: well i dont want anything to do with you

amalie tries to pull aldous back but she cant

Amalie: I dont know whats going on...please we can talk

Aldous: just leave me alone, before i do something i regret!

amalie lets aldous go long shot of amalie standing in the street and aldous walking away. point of view shot from someone walking past.

next scene

amalie sit in the street in the dark

time has passed and she is still in the same spot from where aldous left her, she has been sitting there crying all day - her friends walk by and start asking her bizzare questions

friend 1 : what are you doing?

amalie: aldous doesnt love me anymore

friend 2: well who could blame him if you been talking to him the same way you have us

amalie: what? he said something about me saying stuff but its not wasnt me!

friend 1: so what it was someone who took your phone

amalie: i dont know, maybe someone hacked my phone

friends 1&2: laugh (frnd 2) or maybe your just a bitch who doesnt know it

amalie: no really, if i said anything nasty it must have been someone else

friends 2: oh it must be your evil clone

amalie: i dont understand?

friend 2: well when we said hi to you in town yesterday and you started saying stuff like i believe i call you two walking piles of shit friends.

amalie: i wasnt me?

amalie panicks and runs home

returns home to mum and dad

amalie returns home and unaware to her mum/dad and audience that jackie has been at home impersonating amalie

mummy: whats wrong with you again

amalie: i dont know whats going on with me

mummy: you do seem a bit off today

amalie: everyone keeps saying iv said awful thing when i havent even spoken to them

mummy: maybe you should just say sorry, im sure it cant be that bad

amalie: but i havent said anything

mummy: well, you've said some pretty horrid things to me and your father today

amalie:what iv been out pracicually all day - see this is what i mean

mummy hands amalie some money and tells her to go and buy some food from the supermarket

mummy: go and get some dinner for me from asba

amalie: what why? we have loads of food for dinner

mummy: just go!

amalie: no one cares!

amalie runs to her room

mum goes in attic

mum suspects jackie may have escaped so she goes in the attick to check

mummy: hello, you okay sweetie?

sudden noise and heres footsteps, mum drops her torch as she picks it up she see that jackie has gone

as she realises she has escaped she rushed down stairs to phone her husband to inform him to back home quickly


sound goes blank

- there is no sound and is black and white-

jackie(et): hello mummy

mummy: whats wrong, dont you want to go to your room

jackie(et): do i want to go back to my lovely room, my room which is filled with lovely spider, lovely splinterd floors and hearing my lovely twin sister living our mummy i dont not want to go back in that dinny-winny room! you?

mummy: no, not at the moment, how about if you go up there we will put some nice things that you'd like up there how about that?

jackie:that would be nice

mummy: so, what do you want?

Jackie: your rotting corpse

jackie suffercates her mother with a plastic bag when shes dead jackie says "lovely"

we see her dad in the car on the phone unaware of whats just happend

dad: i'll ring you back later.

amalie mets jackie final scene

amalie is getting ready for bed and is taking of her make-up and sorting our her jewlery etc she looks up in the mirror to see her identical twin sister staring back at her with scratched on her face.

(amalie looks up in the mirror to take off her make-up and sees jackie in the background)

Jackie: hi amalie

 amalie: bitch

amalie realises whats been going and how everything clicks together

dramatic music comes up and to be continued text.

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