Monday, 7 November 2011

Censorship & Libel.

Censorship  helps stop harmful and inappropriate images being shown, therefore companies have the right to edit or pixelate photos in order to stop the viewers seeing them, although in order to do this you have to have the permission from the creator to do this. For example, if a explicit picture is shown on national television the channel have the right to blur or edit the image so that its appropriate for the audience. 
Libel is a statement or story that someone has said or wrote that cant be supported  by evidence. This can be anything that isn't true, can offend someone or give someone the wrong impression. It is a very important legal issue as many celebrities sew for libel because they don’t what to be portrayed in a negative way. An example of this is the actress Kate Winslet, she sewed the daily mail because they lied about her exercise regime. She then received £25,000 and an apology, which she donated to charity. This can really affect writer because they can get a bad reputation and can even lose their jobs because they published a false story.

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