Thursday, 10 November 2011

Film review- TANGLED.

Newborn Rapunzel was taken by an old woman, who claims to be her mother. The old woman relies on Rapunzel’s long blonde magical hair to keep her looking young. Raised as an only child in a tower hidden from creation, Rapunzel becomes fascinated by the lanterns that she see’s outside every time it’s her birthday. She has a feeling there for her, and seeks help from young hero Flynn, who happened to come across the tower whilst fleeing villains. There quest is to escape the tower, and find out the meaning of the colourful lanterns.
Being the centre of attention in the popular 50th full length Disney film, Rapunzel’s magical, glowing, extra long hair is defiantly essential to the plot. Much like the film “Rapunzel”, spin off “Tangled” in my opinion was amazing, the graphics, plot, characters, scenes, and setting where all perfect, and I think it flowed awesomely. During the film it shows the connection being made between Rapunzel and her (Fake) Mother, and the connection being broken, which isn’t only sad, but some people could relate to that, which means this film would appeal to a bigger audience. Being a 17 year old guy, I think this film isn’t just appealing to girls; it looks like a “chick flick” but has that interesting rom-com twist, which appeals to everyone. Overall thumbs up 10/10.

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