Thursday, 10 November 2011

Information for childrens drama.

The Mischievous teacher.
By: Jordan, Damian, Adam & Kieran
       Friend one. {Female} Has power of strength. Frail looking, fragile, tom boy.
       Friend two. {Female} has power of invisibility. Dense, slow type of person.
       Friend three. {Male} has power of speed. Stuck up, cocky know it all.
       Villain. Invents things, uses a  hypnosis sound track to control children.

       Three friends walk to school together.
       Secret song by the villain school teacher, that hypnotizes children.
       Child 1, who has powers of invisibility, sneaks into teachers office, and listens to teachers plans to destroy everyone.
       Friends team up, and use there powers to stop the teachers plan.
friends successfully defeat the teacher, and things go back to normal.
Restricted narration is the contents of the programme not being obvious or the information told.
Our children's drama is subjective, this is where you only see what the characters are doing, you don’t hear or see their thoughts & memories.
We are using episodic modular narrative, this is a series of short tales that are unconnected.
       Codes- The things you expect to see.
       Conventions- What you expect to happen.
       In our children's drama, we have included three main characters, played by children.
-They all have individual powers.
-There is a villain-Played by a adult.
-Set in a school.
-Something goes wrong.
-Group of friends.
-Simple storyline.
-Unrealistic & Imaginative storyline.
       “The Mischievous teacher” is going to be targeted at children ranging from 6-11. This is because the storyline is very simple, and there are no complications such as, anachronic flash-backs and flash-forward's.
       Another reason why our drama is aimed at 6-11 year olds is because that is the age range of our actors.
Thank you, any questions?

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