Thursday, 24 November 2011

I rock old age!

3 x 50 mins 
Drama Mini-Series
96 year old Bernard has high hopes of winning the Olympics and gaining extra trophies to add to his collection. His dream has always been to win the shot-put and javelin; he has been training for years, and has had to cope with having no support from the community because of his age, and health issues. Spite all this, Bernard isn’t giving up, and is going to show everyone he can achieve his dream. Will it be a success? Or will Bernard have to forget about his dream?
Bernard is following his father’s footsteps…….
Former champion Drake ports-Merlin, won something in the major 4 year Olympics every time. And nothing stopped him, nothing hindered him and nothing got in his way…….He competed for 40 years, and finally had to give up at the age of 65. Drake was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 61, Bone marrow disease at 63, and Parkinson’s disease at 65, he had to end his dream early.
He always encouraged first born Bernard to be athletic and into sports. He trained his son, and supported him in javelin and shot-put.
Unfortunately Drake lost his life to cancer at the age of 70, Bowel cancer come back, and destroyed his life. His final wish to son Bernard was never to give up.
In episode one, we look at Drakes life, his achievements, and his old age trauma. We visit past newspaper articles, and make up a video of how his life would have been, we then talk to Bernard on how his father has had a massive influence on his life, and how he is determined to make his father proud.

In episode 2, we focus on Bernard’s training, and his quest to get fitter enough. We look closely at his diet, fitness, and lifestyle. At his age, he has to do everything by the book, in order to have a chance of winning. He also goes to get a whole new look, to wow people at his transformation.

In the final episode, you see him start the Olympics, you see flashbacks of his past memories of his father’s athletic times, and you see articles of newspapers. But it’s a mystery of if he goes forward and does his challenge. Does he succeed? Does something go wrong?

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