Monday, 6 February 2012

a double reflection - budget and resources

Budget and resources

Our budget consists of 2 different groups, transport and props & scenery.

Transport: for our film we need to get to a variety of different locations - we can reach all of these via public transport.
Fareham college to shannon's house return : £2 x2
Fareham college to kieran's house return : £3 x2
Fareham college to town centre : nil 

our combined budget for transport to locations totals at £10

Props & scenery needed for our film:

make-up for characters: approximately £6
costume for jackie (ragged clothing): approximately £10
dog bowl for jackies 'room' : £1 

are current total for props & scenery totals to £17 

total costs so far: £27 - £13.50 each 

As a group we're looking to spend no more than £20 each but if our film depends on it we're willing to go over the budget if necessary. 

We will also be using equipment from fareham college so we will not need expenses or budgeting in that category

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