Monday, 6 February 2012

a double reflection - risk assessment / health and safety

Risk assessments / health and safety

Throughout our filming we will take into great consideration the health and safety aspects and the potential risk which results from us filming.

Between different sets and locations we have to think about what risks we face or face to other people - particually members of the public.

location 1 - shannon's house: When filming at this location we have to consider where we put / leave equipment - we need to think about what we are doing at all times for example leaving a camera on a unsteady surface while filming could result in damaged equipment. Is where we are safe? Yes, I can categorically confirm that my house is very suitable for what we are preparing to film. There are minimal to none risks. I can only state that there are only minor risks such as tripping over cables from the camera and that would be a result of our own neglect - which will not happen.

location 2 kierans house: Just the same as mine, there are no outstanding health and safety issues or concerns. It is generally safe and only possible risk would be the result of our own behalf.

location 3 town centre: unlike the other locations this can possibly be a very dangerous surroundings.
1- we need to think of own personal wellbeing while on location as we will be carrying fairly expensive equipment so that can potentially make us targets for the criminal public.
2- we need to take into consideration of the public i.e not leaving equipment unattended for people to trip over etc.
3- need to keep aware of outdoor conditions. For example if it happens to unexpectedly rain we need to get all electrical equipment away - as this can cause damages to the camera and more dramatically cause electrocution.

location 5 fareham college: There no outstanding risk or health and safety concerns again just be aware of other people and leaving equipment unattended - risk of theft or causing accidents.

we need to make sure all our props are suitable and are not dangerous to the actors in anyway. For example make-up we need to check if the actors are allergic etc

while filming on all locations we need to aim to be 100% safe and professional while using the equipment, getting to our locations and preparing for our film.

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