Monday, 6 February 2012

A double reflection - copyright issues

A double reflection

while making our thriller we need to make sure we are not breaching any copyright laws.

When film maker make theme tunes, music, special effects, sound effects and particular scenes they copyright them, so no other production can use them and make money of them without the creator getting money back in return - if people did use the archive without permission, they can be sued or even go to prison as that is illegal.

For our film we decided to use sound effects, non diabetic sounding and music from a source. This source has no copyrighted sound arhchive so it is totally legal and safe for us to use this for our film without interfering with copyright. 

As for the videography side of things we will use only our own footage and images as we would not see the need for extra footage - it would be unnecessary.

However, for the possible special effects used for our film we would use either iMovie or most likely adobe premier pro. which both include a variety of special effects, transitions and filters to use in our thriller.

But if we wanted to we can use particular copyrighted sources, copyright law makes certain exceptions to copyright law; these exceptions are called Fair Use. Fair Use exceptions apply only in limited situations under certain guidelines - so if need be, we will use certain resources but that is a very minor chance as so far I can't imagine where it would be needed in our film.

In conclusion, copyright isn't a vast subject while in pre-production of this film, as I do not feel like it will be used. But however if it is I will talk about it in greater depth and discuss how, where and why I have decided to use it.

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