Monday, 2 July 2012

Jobs in the Media industry- Lighting Technician.

For this assignment i have chosen to describe the roles of:
* Editor.
* Production Designer.
* Lighting technician.

Lighting Technician..........
To become a lighting techinican you must be able to set up and work lighting equipment in films and programmes. Usually you would either work for Films or Tv programmes, because the equipment and skills you would need is different. When working in Lightning your job is crucial to the set, it creates mood, and makes the set come to life, it also involves alot of creative skills, and thinking on the spot.

Salary and conditions. The salary of a lgithing technician  depends on the type of production work they do and there level of skill and experience. The average salary is usually upwards of £25k. Although if you work freelance you have to negotiate a salary with your employer. A typical freelance lighting technican can get a weekly rate of up to £1,200, whilst factual programmes and documentories pay £255 for a 8 hour day, which works out around £31.80 a hour.

Although degrees are not necessary for this role, they will increase your chances of getting yourself known and becoming succsesful in this career, just like any other job. A degree in electrical engineering or physics will help you with the technical side of lighting, the following will also help,
* Lighting Design.
* Lighting Technology.
* Sound, light, and live event technology.
* Theatre arts and lighting/sound operation.

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