Monday, 2 July 2012

Jobs in the media industry- Production Designer.

For this assignment i have chosen to describe the roles of:
* Editor.
* Production Designer.
* Lighting technician..

Production Designer.........
To Become a Production Designer you must have 'the eye' for all things creative and visually involved in media, for example they have to choose design styles, location sets, costumes, graphics, lighting and some camera angles. You also have to choose whcih sector of design you want to work for, weather its film, television or theatre, although you can do a mix of all 3 and overlap them.

Once everything is decieded, the designers usually have to appoint and manage an art department, which includes a design team, and build strong relationships with many people that they can rely on.
Production designers also need to be great communicators, being able to explain there thoughts to the creators of props, they must be able to visualize things, therefore people skills are key.

Production designers also dont have a set salary, they negotiate a salary with the people there working with, therefore the more known designer and better skilled one will earm more money, also depending if you work freelance, part time or full time will make your earnings different.

Below are some of the following subjects that will highten your chances of getting involved.
* Theatre performance and design.
* Creative performing/technical arts.
* Interior design.
* Landscaping/architecture deign.
* Fine art/ Visual art.
* Drama and theatre studies.

For more information visit Google. :)

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