Thursday, 5 July 2012

TV industries. BBC!!

Industries Project                                           
For this task, you are required to get into groups of two or three and present research on a specific media sector. You will need to include a clear discussion of the following:
-       The history and growth of the media industry
-       The structure and ownership of the media industry
-       Ethical and legal constraints in relation to the media industry (codes of practice, producer guidelines, social issues and sensitivities, representation issues).
You will present your findings in the form of a pamphlet. You are expected to also include evidence of annotated/highlighted research and a full list of references.

FILM. paramount, warmer bro's, disney, fox, universal, pixar, lionsgate, dreamworks, columbia, newline.
TV. bbc, itv, fox, cbs, abc, nbc, sky, virgin, nickelodeon, bravo, dave, espn, five.
MUSIC. def film, mercury, columbia, virgin, sony, rockefella, repise, spotify.
INTERACTIVE MEDIA. youtube, limewire, MSN, yahoo, tumblr, on demand, iplayer, myspace.
PRESS. horse & hound, the sun, daily mirror, daily star, daily telegraph, daily mail, gardian, cosmo.

BBC- the bbc known as the British broadcasting corporation is a public service which is set in the heart of london {Westminster}. It is the largest broadcaster in the world with around 23 thousand workers. The bbc is basically owned by the taxpayer because the government funds the bbc by charging all uk television holders a license fee.

The BBC moves to colour......Its the year 1966 on the 3rd March, when the bbc had announced that  they will be tuning into colour tv. It was expected at first that the change would cost between 1-2 million uk pounds a year. In the 60's everyone with a black & white television could keep there exsisting televisions, but still watch colour onnthe, although this was set to cost an extra £250 for a colour reciever and thats excluding a extra license fee.

If you use the link below it goes to a really good video lasting 1min 12 seconds on useing green screen.

Profits- March 2010 the bbc made a profit of around £145 million pounds, with a turnover of £1.074 billion, This is the peek of the bbc and they are at there best so far.

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