Thursday, 5 July 2012

Purposes of research.

Describe the purpose of the following types of market research and provide relevant examples for each. You should use subject terminology clearly in each case.

  1. Audience data.
  2. Audience Profiling.
  3. Consumer Behaviour.
  4. Product Reach.
  5. Competitor Analysis.
Audience data- Audience data is the measure of demographic profiles which is a term used in broadcasting to describe a group of marketting and household data for a TV network. Audience data can be used as feedback for posters/trailers/websites etc to see if there attracting the correct audience.

Audience Profiling- Audience Profiling tells you what kind of audience you have and the category they slot into, for example if your between 18-35 television programmes are more bold for advertisers. They also measure the audience demographics which is things like the age, Income, male of female and ethnic group, its basically what advertisers use to make sure there programmes appeal to the correct audience.

Consumer Behaviour- Consumer behaviour is the studying of when how, where and why people purchase or do not purchase a product, it also involves the psychological mind set that people go through to know the needs of purchasing for example. weather to buy a product or not, if I'm going to buy it, where shall i get, what brand shall i use, how much shall i spend etc.

Product Reach- Product reach is what type of audience is my product going to attract, and how many people your product will reach, hence the name. For example things like shampoo and footwear will reach everyone because its a necessity, its also to do with how much the product will gain brand awareness. Another example is asking the audience for "how to look good naked" which is a TV show mainly for females, if you ask them if they watch it and they say no, this means that the programme isn't reaching the correct audience.

Competitor Analysis- Competitor analysis is the ongoing process of identifying the marketting strategy and performance of brands that compete against each other in the marketplace. Markettors have to plan a strategy that will make there product better then everyone Else's, they have to find an effective way with involves analysis. They have to research things such as, quality, prices, channels and added services, this will then make known the disadvantages and advantages of the competitive market.

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