Thursday, 5 July 2012

Script Proposal- Documentry.

My ancient life.
Documentary – Kieran Howick.

2 x 30 mins 
One-off documentary
A documentary Following elderly person Evelyn through her life of how she fought for freedom.
Follow Evelyn on her daily routine. Look at her past experiences, videos and photographs on the things she has been through. Also visit an elderly care home, and discuss the issues the old fogeys have to go through. Also going to talk to Evelyn’s family & friends. Along going to have a tour of the community.
OPENING- Opening with vintage photographs, and silent videos of Evelyn’s life, the slow introduction gives you a quick snap of her life. You then visit the school she attended through 1922-1933, and the 6th form she attended from 1933-1936. Afterwards

Episode 1- The first couple of scenes will be the audience finding out who Evelyn is, and why she is so special. After that you will see Evelyn’s daily life routine and what she has to do to get around daily life. You will also see background information and content on her life. A one to one interview involving personal questions and experiences will also be involved.

Episode 2- Evelyn meets up with her sister who she hasn’t seen for 30 years, this is her twin sister that almost died at birth, You will also find out why she almost died, and yet again what makes these two so individual. Will also witness a theatre extra involving some of Evelyns idols. Will end with Evelyn explaining how grateful she is to the community and the people that has helped her, and what she intends to do with her last years.

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